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This is Nashi, writing in my brother’s, Krzysztof, name. 

Back in February I made a post about my little brother needing a surgery. We were desperate, as my brother was sick all the time and the quicker he got the surgery, the better. It hurt my heart to see him - usually extremely active and healthy - so vulnerable, and I couldn’t do anything to help.

I’m mainly a Teen Wolf blog, so I asked my followers for help.

And an absolutely incredible thing happened. You guys helped us. In a recordingly short time, we were able to gather enough money for the surgery and post-op care, which is a lot more than I’ve imagined.

Now, finally, my brother is on his way to recovery. All thanks to you. The surgery was successful and now he’s resting at home until he’s fully healed. 

We want to thank each and every one of you - for every dollar and good word that you gave us. For every signal boost. For commissioning ouicatwithahat, who offered to help by drawing commissions (and who drew this amazing thank you pic as well! You’re a true sunshine!).

TL;DR: THANK YOU, TEEN WOLF FANDOM. WHOLEHEARTEDLY. YOU MADE THIS HAPPEN. This has proven me that even though we have our differences sometimes, even though sometimes it’s hard and we only see flaws in each other… I want you to remember that you helped a human being get healthy again. As a fandom. As Teen Wolf’s fans. :)

(Big thanks to people who aren’t in Teen Wolf fandom but helped nevertheless as well!!! We’re not forgetting about you, guys ♥)

cook au | james cook, the troubled kid
cook’s been getting into trouble since the day he could remember. his mom and dad always told him he was a bad kid, so he was vowed to himself he was gonna be the baddest kid he could be. he always got into fights and, he always got in trouble with the law. he spent a little time in juvie, but when he got out he still went back to his old ways. he started selling drugs and gradually became one of the most feared gangsters, while living life on the run. eventually his crimes caught up to him, and he got caught. not being a young offender anymore, he was sent to real prison… where he still causes the most trouble.


oláaa,mas um pack pra vocês. Finalmente terminei a reforma e agora somos 3.0. Enfim,espero que vocês curtam ♥

nele contém:

 + de 100 icons de famosos

(jennette mccurdy,one direction,demi lovato,selena gomez,miley cyrus,ariana grande,justin bieber,dakota fanning,tom fletcher,jared leto,macklemore,travis mills,dylan o’brien,entre muitos outros)

+ de 20 psds

(vários tipos de efeitos)

+ 5 templates para psds

+ gradients feitos por mim

+ texturas e light leaks encontradas por mim

+ hq pictures para psds

(amanda s,lea m,jared l,chris h,justin b,tyler p,ross l,justin t)

Para conseguir basta:

  1. reblogar esse post (likes não valeram)
  2. seguir o Niceicon
  3. e mandar na nossa ask ”pack 3.0 niceicon”

We don’t need no one to tell us who to be, we’ll keep turning up the radio. What if you and I just put up a middle finger to the sky, let them know we’re still rock n roll.


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